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13 October 2008 @ 01:43 pm
It has definitely been a while. This seems to happen more often then not, where I end up having quite a break from journal entries and then I come back and make a note that I have been away for a while. HAHA! Stupid brain. I can guarantee you that this will happen again and probably become some of freaky deja vu or something. Whatever.

Anyways, I finally got my tattoo. Yes, I know! Crazy, huh? As soon as my camera stops acting like a D-bag I'll try and post some photos of that. Also, last Friday I met with Adam Pollock (aka my new boss!) at FireFarm (check this out if you want to know more, www.firefarm.com). He owns a custom design lighting company in Elkader, Iowa and I will be working with them in the graphic design department. Awesome, right? I know. It's awesome. Magical. Actually, I'm really excited. It will be an internship until December and if they end up liking what I can do he said they'll probably hire me as head of the Marketing Department! Now that is pretty awesome. So, as you can understand I'm pretty stoked to be working with them.

My advisor, Richard Merrit here on campus also has some illustration jobs for me as well and hopefully I'll be able to do those out of the midwest. There's a book publishing company in New York that is looking for an artist and they like my work so we'll see how that goes.

Like I said these past few weeks have been very exciting for me, despite the fact I've been sick continually for the last couple of them. Hopefully I'll shake this all off when the time comes to get down to serious business at FireFarm. YAY!

So what does this phrase tell you?? "He doesn't know that I know that he knows that I like him." Does that reak of stupid drama to you? Yeah, I thought so. This year's cluster experience has proven to be the most drama oriented cluster I have ever seen. Every day there seems to be a new dramatic development every time I show up in the cluster.

By the way, Zap Branigan suffers from a very sexy learning disability. It's called Sexlexia. I love Futurama.
Mood: excited
09 September 2008 @ 09:23 am
So, apparently Richard Merrits new nickname for me is "Home Stretch". I think he's referencing the fact that I'm here an extra semester. LOL. Jerk. :D